New Sweater Teddy Bear Bear Plush Doll Creative Badge Hug Bear Christmas Gift

$ 22.00 USD

Color | Light brown 1

Size | 25cm


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New Sweater Teddy Bear Bear Plush Doll Creative Badge Hug Bear Christmas Gift

$ 22.00 USD


Light brown 1



  • Product Description

      New Sweater Teddy Bear Bear Plush Doll Creative Badge Hug Bear Christmas Gift


      Plush classification: short plush
      Item No.: Badge Bear
      Color: light brown style one / light brown style two / dark brown style one / dark brown style two
      Modeling category: animals
      Processing method: to map custom
      Whether multifunctional: no
      Applicable age: children (3-6 years old) / juvenile (7-14 years old) / youth (15-35 years old) / middle age (36-60 years old)
      Whether the shape is cartoon or anime: No
      Custom processing: Yes
      Animal Classification: Bear
      Category: Plush doll
      Packing: bagged
      Filling material: PP cotton
      Height: 25cm/35cm


      About size
      The dimensions are all manual measurements. Due to factors such as measurement tools and measurement methods, there will be errors. The error is normal plus or minus 5cm! Please refer to the actual product.

      About color
      Our products are taken in kind, close to the physical map, due to differences in color contrast and color temperature of computer monitors, etc., please prevail in kind.

      The shop strives to meet the requirements of each pro. If the parents encounter any product or logistics problems, please don't rush to give the difference, please contact customer service first, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

      The knowledge of the protection of plush toys and the six major codes, hope to let our "friends" around us stay with us for a longer time.

      1. Keep away from fire. Our plush toys belong to flammable items, and there are places with dense circuits to prevent the burning of stuffed toys due to fire.

      2, away from pet plush is a cute toy for us, too, for our pets too. When your pet is alone at home, put your beloved plush toys in places that they can't reach, otherwise when you get home, waiting for you may be messed up, covered with pet saliva. Plush!

      3, stay away from food, like a plush toy, children who should not leave their hands should pay attention, do not hold them when eating, because this will make your beloved plush toy stick to the residue of food, very difficult clean. Moreover, the taste of the food will attract some worms, making the plush toys an ideal place to live. These worms will not only feed your plush toys, but also pose a great threat to your health.

      4, avoid squeezing Do not pile up things on them because of the softness of the plush toys or casually stuff them into the cabinet door, do not sleep as a pillow, because this will lead to The severe deformation of the plush toy and the internal filling lose its elasticity.

      5, stay away from the dampness, remember to put the plush toys in a dry and ventilated place, do not put them in a damp place, this will lead to mold, once moldy, plush toys are difficult to clean, and the plush body The clothes you wear will also change color.

      6, away from the strange seams of plush toy toys are generally more fragile, so don't blame them!


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